Did you know your macula is a portion of your retina that converts images into brain messages. When the macula begins to deteriorate, it becomes difficult to see fine details. It’s possible you’ll have problems reading, driving and recognizing people’s faces. Blurred vision and difficulty seeing colour and fine details are early indicators. Interesting right?  


Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is more common in older people. Some factors connected to AMD are beyond your control, including the genes you inherited from your parents. Others, such as smoking, a poor diet, or high blood pressure, are preventable. Most people have “dry” macular degeneration – little white or yellow fatty deposits have formed in your retina, causing it to break down and malfunction. Abnormal blood vessels, and occasionally bleeding, harm your macula and distort the shape of your retina in the “wet” variant.   


Chemicals in saffron are potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Saffron helps to protect and prevent the continuous disintegration of light-sensitive cells in the macula, located in the centre of the retina. *  


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