Saffron 2020-XP Macular Supplement


• Nourish and Protect Your Eyes Naturally: To help protect your eyes in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
Age Gracefully with Optimal Vision: Patented formula to help support your aging vision. Helps protect eyesight.
• Vision, A Treasure to Preserve: Nurture your eyes with this unique saffron + AREDS eye formula.
Health Canada-Approved Formula, Canada Shipped: A symbol of our unwavering commitment to quality.
• Embrace Confidence, Risk-Free: Our 180-day money-back guarantee speaks to our belief in your vision’s future.

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Safeguard Your Vision against Macular Degeneration

A Comprehensive Eye Supplement, Blending AREDS 2 Formula with Saffron for Optimal Eye Health in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Design Inspiration:

Saffron 2020-XP is a truly distinctive eye health supplement, expertly blending the finest eye nutrients for your benefit. Our formulation draws inspiration from the esteemed AREDS 2 study. With an impressive fusion of vitamins and minerals, mirroring the quantities found in the AREDS 2 formula, and the added benefits of 20mg saffron for optimal macular health, Saffron 2020-XP stands as a powerful choice to support your eyesight in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
Consider the exclusive consumption of Saffron 2020-XP as your sole AMD supplement, unlocking the benefits of its comprehensive and potent formula (AREDS+saffron), and eliminating the need for multiple eye supplements.

Trust Saffron 2020-XP to safeguard your vision in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Recommended Use:

Helps maintain eyesight
• Specifically designed for individuals affected by AMD who have been advised to take AREDS supplements (experience AREDS 2 formula + saffron benefits with Saffron 2020-XP)
•  Saffron 2020-XP is the only patented saffron supplement that helps delay progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) that helps maintain vision.

– Helps support macular health
• Proactively maintain eye health throughout the years.

Special Note:
– Do not take Saffron 2020-XP with other AREDS eye supplements

We recommend a minimum three-month journey with Saffron 2020-XP
to witness the first shimmering signs of beneficial effects.

Health Canada License Number: NPN# 80088464

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our founder’s vision is to provide our customers with the best supplement for eye health. Try Saffron 2020-XP for a full 3-month period. If you don’t see results, or if you aren’t satisfied with your results, we’ll give you your money back including shipping charge, 100% GUARANTEED.


Order 5 bottles, we will ship you 6 bottles.
Your FREE bottle will be shipped automatically Worldwide!

Discover Heartfelt Testimonials: Positive Results You Can Trust

Saffron 2020 Has Changed Lives, See for Yourself!

Additional information

Take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the evening.
Amount per day (2 capsules):
Vitamin C: 500 mg
Vitamin E: 268 mg
Vitamin B2: 1 mg
Zinc: 25 mg
Copper: 1.2 mg
Saffron : 20 mg
Resveratrol: 10 mg
Lutein: 10 mg
Zeaxanthin: 2 mg
Each bottle contains 60 capsules for 1 month supply.


AREDS2+Saffron Supplement, Eye Health Products: Macular Degeneration Supplements, Saffron Supplement for Eye Health.

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    Approved by Health Canada:

    Our saffron supplements are approved by Health Canada to help maintain eyesight in macular degeneration and cataracts.

    Health Canada NPN numbers:

    Saffron 2020: 80030166

    Saffron 2020-PRO : 80065436

    Saffron 2020-XP: 80088464

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