There are so many things we do daily that may disturb our night’s sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant that may keep you awake, as every coffee drinker knows. For four to six hours before night, stay away from caffeine (found in coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, and some pain medicines).  As a result, it’s advised to keep alcohol consumption to one to two drinks per day or less, and to avoid drinking within three hours of going to bed. 

Crossing many time zones causes many people’s internal clocks to go berserk. You may have headaches, stomach trouble, and difficulties concentrating, as well as sleep disturbances. Younger people adjust to time shifts more rapidly than older folks. Every time zone crossing takes around a day to accommodate to. Many people find it difficult to travel to east, but older people may experience even greater symptoms.  Sleep patterns alter as people age, as do some chronic medical issues. However, a huge contributor could be hiding in your medical cabinet. 

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