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People trust Persavita and Saffron 2020. There are thousands of satisfied Saffron 2020 customers located in every corner of the world. But don’t take our word for it…listen to these people; they tell you how their quality of life and vision health are changed with Saffron 2020.

Penny P.

“In November 2016, I had to go for my eye check up for my glasses, and my eye doctor said “You’re some kind of medical miracle, Penny. Your prescription has lessened and lessened. She said she could only credit it to the Saffron 2020!”


Saffron 2020

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“In 2010 I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration in my right eye and I had to start taking those dreaded injections…I started taking it (Saffron 2020) religiously and have not needed another injection in 5 years!”

Jan & Marie

Meet Jan and Marie, two incredible individuals who’ve experienced a remarkable transformation in their eye health journey with Saffron 2020!
” I researched and found Saffron 2020 and I have been taking it ever since my eyes now are very good. I do everything I need to and drive and no  problems at all and I really think the Saffron 2020 has helped me enormously and I I’m just so  pleased with my experience and the progress of my eyes that I want to say if you do have [vision] problems just try Saffron 2020 it’s well worth your while.”


“I’m 76 years old and about two years ago I was diagnosed with macular degeneration. I started taking Saffron 2020 and little less than three months, my vision improved greatly and little less in six months, the doctor said I didn’t need two shots anymore. I see the doctor every six to eight months for regular check-ups and I watch TV. I read on my computer daily, I keep taking Saffron 2020 because my vision keeps improving!”


“My macular degeneration was progressing very rapidly and nothing I tried seemed to slow it down much.  I run acrossSaffron 2020about three years ago and I started taking it..In two-three months …has slowed the progression right down considerably. I able now to read newsprint and watch TV and drive and live a normal life!“


Jill D.

“I joined a website for macular degeneration I noticed that they were suggesting I try Saffron 2020 which I did now I’ve been taking Saffron 2020 from about two years now and I must say my eyesight has improved. Now I’ve got 20/20 vision, and I put this down to taking Saffron 2020 for the past two years!”

Billy S.

“I found a company in Canada with a product called Saffron 2020, that had an offer if you buy 5 and get 1 free, which works out for about a dollar a day. I’ve been taking it for a year, and my eyes have gotten no worse, and if anything, have gotten about 25% better!”

Marie S.

“I’m 75 years old I have macular degeneration in my right eye. I was first diagnosed in 2009, I had injections in that eye up until 2013…I’m getting vision back in that eye which is practically unheard of  and I credit that to Saffron 2020. I am so delighted that I decided to try it and I still continue to take it and would urge you also to try it yourself!”


Peter M.

“I found out about Saffron 2020 through research I was doing for a friend who had recently gone through macular degeneration surgery …after seeing the qualifications that Saffron 2020 has, I was pretty impressed and so is she. She started taking it …and I also I started taking it [for prevention] . I take it daily now, I’ve been taking it for about two years and I love it! I want to thank you guys for making it!


“I was diagnosed with macular degeneration and I was told I had to take shots every four to six weeks indefinitely. I ran acrossSaffron 2020 and it sounded promising, so I ordered it and started taking the product. In a little less than three months, my vision started getting really good so my visits to the doctor started getting further apart. I went to the doctor last week and he told me I no longer needed to take the shots and they couldn’t find any bleed. And as far as I’m concerned, Saffron 2020 is an amazing product!”

James D.

“I was first diagnosed with eye disease during a routine eye exam…I found someone talking about Saffron 2020, it all seemed too good to be true. I hope someday there will be a treatment for blindness but until there is I’m happy to know that Saffron 2020 is available!”

Cynthia G

“I began taking Saffron 2020 seven months ago, when I was newly diagnosed with macular degeneration – a new case, minimal signs of it, no symptoms, no wavy lines on the Amsler Grid – it just turned up on a routine check. I’ve also had cataracts in both eyes for a few years.  Just a little more than four months into starting the Saffron 2020, I noticed something extraordinary. I had never thought the Saffron 2020 would improve my cataracts – I just took it as a precaution. I begin to believe that I never will need cataract surgery on either eye!!“


 Rebecca P. (Aurora, Ohio, October 2023)

I had been warned of a cataract forming in my eyes 25 years ago.  Hearing that, I decided to be proactive as I am averse to any surgery.  Upon discovering Saffron 2020, I used the capsule daily and at age 82, have not needed surgery.  Not only is this product effective, the company, Persavita, informed me, during the Covid shut down, that if per chance, people using Saffron 2020 were unable to afford their product, they would not want any of their customers to be without product [because of financial difficulty]…just let them know [for support].  Not only is the product excellent but the company knows their product works!

 Daisy S.

Persavita; thank you so very much, you have giving me hope  improving my vision and hopefully to stabilize it. I can now  look forward to spending the rest of my life in a seeing world. I am 75 years old.

Had an appointment with the retina specialist at in Philadelphia, Pa. Doctors’s quote “yours eyes look good” I did mention Saffron 2020.  My eyes have improved. The dark spots have become lighter. The picture showed a straight line. He said a sign of improvement, otherwise would have been curved. I had the same pictures taken a year ago and was diagnosed at intermediate and that my sight could have deteriorated. Yikes!

I have shared it with every one that listens including my daughter. She is taking Saffron 2020. Again thank you very much. Could not have done it without your help.


“I was diagnosed with AMD in October 2013 and it was devastating. I had been receiving monthly injections until I started your product. I had purchased a 6 month supply online and about 5 months ago I noticed that my eyesight was improving. Well today was my last appointment. For the first time in the 40 years I have been wearing corrective lenses now have 20/20 in both eyes with my glasses, not only that, my AMD is no longer, the two Doctors I seen were very impressed and surprised by my improvement; they took notes on what I was taking and I no longer need injections or need to see them, just my regular eye doctor in 4 months. They showed me the before and after pictures of my eye and it is healed. If you ever need a spokesman I am your man.”

John R.

“I am 84 years old and have had glaucoma for nine years and have had cataract surgery in both eyes. That’s where I found info about Saffron 2020. I ordered some in March and have been using it for seven months. I had a comprehensive eye checkup last week and was amazed to find that my vision has improved, my visual field test was perfect, and my glaucoma pressure was the lowest it’s ever been. I plan to continue using Saffron 2020. Thank you for an effective & affordable treatment.“

Lynn R.

“Persavita (Saffron 2020) is having a good effect on the health of my retinas.  This is very important to me. You should be proud of your product.  I am glad to have found it.“

Chee F. L.


” Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your team, which they really take every order seriously and  the care of the wellbeing of every single customer.“

Betty K.

“After having surgery for a broken hip and was still in recovery I could tell I could not see very well. Later my eye Dr. told me I had a stroke in my left eye… All I could see was one big black spot. It did not get any better till I started using Saffron 2020. Now after about 8 months that black circle is now thin gray. I have wet AMD in both eyes so need all the help I can receive…..and I’ve found it in the Saffron 2020. I am 85 and only found this help on the internet. I can’t wait to go back to the doctor’s to hear his reaction and to see what other changes have taken place with my eyes.”

Monika N.

“I can definitely recommend Saffron 2020 as it not only maintain your eyesight but also get it better. I am 60 years old now and still don’t need glasses. I take this supplement already some years but after a few months I had already better vision. Nothing else did this. Thank you very much for this product.“


“My name is Y. from Melbourne, Australia and I have been taking Saffron 2020 for few years. I don’t have macular degeneration but it helps my eyesight. I wore glasses for 20 years or so, as I used to have triple vision and that’s gone. Now, I only wear them for reading and hope that I won’t have to wear them at all in the near future.”

Lesley C.

“I discovered Saffron 2020 while searching online for something to help my mother who has AMD. To date, she says that the ‘black patch’ in her central vision has gone, as has the ‘gritty’ discomfort she previously experienced. Her vision seems to be stable and her cataracts are no worse. I have worn spectacles for reading for several years and, at my last appointment with an optician, was told that I have the very beginnings of a cataract in one eye. I now take Saffron 2020 as a preventative measure in the hopes that I can avoid finding myself in the same situation as my mother.”

W. F.

“I am a long-time user of Saffron 2020. Regular use of Saffron 2020 has straightened the squiggly lines I used to see.” W. F.


“G’day from Australia. I recently purchased an order from your company for Saffron 2020. The package arrived today! We heard about the benefits of Saffron in an article on TV & researched your website on the internet. I have recently been diagnosed with early macular degeneration so am hoping for great things! My daughter also to take Saffron 2020 as prevention treatment for the future. Thanks again & I will definitely let you know what happens. Cheers”

Jerry Racine

I have been working on a timeline on my experience with Saffron 2020

Early March 2014 noticed a problem with my left eye vision was cloudy images out of focus

Made an appointment with my eye specialist March 21/2014 who confirmed wet AMD and referred me to another specialist which I saw on April 2 2014 this is when I received my first injection.

Received 3 more injections approximately 6 weeks apart last one was October 2014

I first purchased Saffron 2020 Aug 2014 so was taking it for about a month prior to my last injection.

I will never forget the day I was diagnosed I had to wait a little over a week to see the AMD specialist Dr Brain Leonard it was the longest 10 days of my life every day my eyesight was diminishing and there was nothing I could do.

I researched everything I could on the internet all with the same results No Cure, Very Aggressive, will eventually move to other eye eventuality leading to being legally blind.

Imagine for a moment being told you have a disease to which there is no known cure that will leave you legally blind in a very short period of time. You will no longer be able to see the faces of the people you love family, friends even strangers.

I fell into a deep depression, with the thought of not seeing the faces of my love ones, we had just been blessed with a new granddaughter; it was absolutely devastating.

I tried to stay positive a motorcycle accident in 2008 had left me disabled and not able to return to work so this was just another hurdle I had to overcome.

I came across Saffron 2020 website and taught “what do I have to loose? Well my sight I guess!

I started the pills in early August, my next needle was schedule for October.

Oh yes I almost forgot the best part the only treatment for AMD was to get an injection in the eye, directly in the eye and yes it is every bit as painful as it sounds but this only slows the progression does not cure it.

I went to my appointment and after the initial exam I was told this would be my last injection my eye was stable no new blood vessels forming no need to come back just see my eye specialist regularly and if I notice any sign it has returned, contact them immediately. I mention taking Saffron 2020 but he said he could not say for sure that is what caused the reversal but whatever I am doing keep doing it because it is working. I feel very strongly had it not been for this product I would be still getting injections or worse loss of my vision.

I truly believe that Saffron 2020 is helping stay these side effects.


Hi… I Left a voicemail that I got it (Saffron 2020)! ..Thanks so much for all the follow up.  I just want to appreciate all your follow up and excellent Customer Service. Thanks again! God bless, Clayton.

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