Understanding Eye Fatigue: What Is It?

Eye fatigue is a frequent issue arising from prolonged activities like staring at computer screens all day or enduring long drives. Approximately 32 percent of Americans using digital devices have reported experiencing eye strain, often referred to as eye weariness or tiredness. Although tired eyes may not lead to permanent damage, recognizing its symptoms is crucial for making lifestyle adjustments that support optimal vision and enhance eye comfort.

Extended periods of computer use can make your eyes feel heavy and worn out. To combat eye fatigue at work, ensure you take breaks from your digital screen. While sufficient sleep is key to refreshing your eyes, it might not fully alleviate discomfort or eliminate signs of eye fatigue. Periodically looking into the distance allows your eyes to rest. Incorporating 20-minute walks into your day benefits overall health and provides a chance to enjoy the surroundings. Eye drops can relieve dryness and itching, reintroducing moisture to your eyes. For irritation, rinsing your eyes with saline or water can help, or try applying a warm towel over your eyes to relax them.

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