Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad but who doesn’t cry? We all do! These tears are produced constantly with liquid our eyes need to always maintain their moisture. Did you know that every time we blink, we are generating tears that keep our eyes wet, clean, and healthy? If these glands don’t produce the appropriate volume of tears it may lead to aqueous tear deficiency or dry eyes  

Over time if dry eye is not managed will lead to more severe and sometimes painful complications.  Some causes of dry eye may include aging, viruses, damage to our tear glands or tear ducts and other diseases. Dry eyes may lead to blurry vision, itchy eyes, and pain. To maintain the perfect health of our tear glands we must adhere to general practices for maintaining healthy vision and consider taking vitamins and other eye nutrients such as vitamin C vitamin E, lutein and zeaxanthin, saffron, resveratrol zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.   

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