If the name saffron sounds familiar, it’s probably because you most likely already own it! Saffron is a popular spice that is frequently used as a flavorful seasoning in different types of dishes, most commonly rice and some types of soup. However, what many people may not know is that saffron actually has many healing properties, and taking a saffron supplement can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Here are just a few of the healing properties of saffron.


One of the coolest things about saffron is that it can help treat so many different conditions, including poor vision. Saffron is commonly used in treating people with macular degeneration, as the saffron plant contains vision-enhancing benefits that can improve visual sharpness and sensitivity, both of which are affected by macular degeneration. In this case, taking a saffron supplement is the most effective way to use saffron to treat vision problems, so be sure to speak with your doctor before trying any supplements.


Saffron is also helpful in treating sleeping problems like insomnia, and many holistic people swear by it. Drinking a cup of tea, juice, or milk with saffron before bed can promote a deeper, more restful sleep, making it a legitimate drug-free alternative to sleeping pills. The most commonly used method of using saffron for insomnia is by mixing it into a liquid and ingesting it directly.

Menstrual Relief

If you’re someone who experiences infrequent or irregular periods, saffron can help regulate menstruation. Saffron is also commonly used to relieve pain associated with menstrual cramps, and can help reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. Many people have also seen an improvement in Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) after using saffron as a healing agent.


For individuals living with asthma, saffron can help calm inflamed lungs and open airways, making it easier for the individual to breathe. Saffron can also improve lung and blood oxygenation and can help relieve whooping cough and shortness of breath. Saffron has been proven to be an effective way to treat a variety of respiratory conditions, making it a legitimate healing component.