If you used multivitamins before, ask your doctor about taking doses of vision supplements and its benefits. Some nutrients can aid in the maintenance of eye function, protection from harmful light, and the prevention of age-related degenerative disorders of the eye. You’re probably already taking several of the nutrients listed below for healthy eyes. Look for these nutrients if you don’t have them already.  

Vitamin E 

Vitamin C   




Omega-3 fatty acids 

Saffron 2020-XP is a unique eye health supplement with a high quantity of zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Saffron and other visual nutrients for macula and overall eye health, such as lutein, zeaxanthin and resveratrol, are also included. Saffron 2020-XP is a vision supplement that combines 20 mg of saffron with the most important eye nutrients to help with macular health. *  

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