Blinking, yawning, rolling eyes, changing focus, or applying warm compresses are a few exercises that may be done while experiencing eyestrain.  A problem with your eye could cause the discomfort known as eyestrain. Looking at extremely bright or dim objects can make your pupils work harder, whereas staring at a motionless object might exhaust the muscles that aim and focus your vision. Eye strain is a frequent condition in which your eyes become weary or uncomfortable after prolonged use.  

Most cases of eyestrain are transient and go away after you take a break and rest your eyes. Eye strain is typical after spending a long period reading, working on a computer, or driving. These sorts of weariness and pain can be alleviated with eye exercises. While focused on a single item, you also blink less, causing your eyes to dry out and get uncomfortable. There are numerous exercises you may do to assist reduce eyestrain. Your eye specialist will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action for you. They can get better on their own, but they could also be signs of something more serious.