KN-95 Face Masks (25-Pack)


Pack of 25 Masks

KN95 Face Masks Non-Medical – Authorized for sale by Health Canada

Quality facemasks that you can trust
Reliable personal protection – Protect yourself and your loved ones
Comfortable and breathable
5 layers of filtering protection
Filtering efficiency >99%

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KN95 Face Masks Non-Medical – Authorized for sale by Health Canada

From FDA-registered facility

Purchase only authorized face masks with all the test and quality control test certificates

Face Mask for Personal Protection 

 5-layer KN95 non-woven disposable face mask for personal protection (PPE) with ear loop.

I unit sold = 1 case of 25 masks (5 green bags in each case with 5 masks in each green bag)

Quality tested and verified by separate labs and by in-process quality tests.

You can trust that our KN95 non-medical face mask will provide reliable personal protection because it is/has:

– Comfortable and breathable

– 5 layers of filtering protection

– Made from a high quality material – less prone to structural damage

– An FDA registered manufacturing facility

– CE certificate

– Tested for filtering performance

– Filtering efficiency of 99.97% (minimum standard is 95%)

– GB2626-2006 standard certificate



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