Amsler Grid test for macular degeneration

What is the Amsler Grid?

The Amsler grid is a useful diagnostic tool to check for sudden changes in your vision, and for possible symptoms of AMD.

This grid is a series of horizontal and vertical lines to monitor central vision. It helps you detect visual disturbances caused by changes in the retina, particularly the macula, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

It has been used since 1945, when it was developed by Marc Amsler, a Swiss ophthalmologist.

In the test, you look with each eye separately at the small dot in the center of the grid. If you see wavy lines, or if some lines are missing, you need to see your eye doctor.

Directions for using the Amsler Grid test:

1. If you normally wear glasses or contact lenses for reading, do not remove them.

2. Take the test in a room with good lighting.

3. Hold the grid approximately 40 cm, or 15 inches, from your face.

4. Cover one eye with your hand and focus on the center dot with your uncovered eye. Repeat with the other eye.

– All of the lines should be straight and the squares of uniform size.
– If you note any changes in the appearance of the grid such as distorted or wavy lines, discoloration, or blurred, dark, or missing areas, or any other changes you may be displaying symptoms of AMD and should contact your eye doctor immediately.

If you see this (with no distortion), you have normal vision.

macular degeneration Saffron and Amsler grid test lutein resveratrol

If after Amsler test your vision is like this (with distorted lines), consult your eye doctor immediately.

 macular degeneration Amsler test saffron supplement

Note: DO NOT depend on this Amsler grid for diagnosis. Consult your eye doctor immediately.

Would you like to print the Amsler Grid test and use it later? Click here to open a print ready copy…