As designated by the FIP Council (Advancing Pharmacy Worldwide), September 25th was World Pharmacists Day, which promotes and advocates the role that pharmacists play in improving the health in every corner of the world.

According to FIP President Dr. Carmen Pena this year’s theme is “From research to health care: Your pharmacist is at your service”. This theme reflects the numerous contributions that pharmacists make to the health and well being of people.

To recognise this day, Persavita would like to acknowledge our founder and inventor of Saffron 2020. Dr. M Piraee is a registered pharmacist and says, “the health and wellbeing of others is of the utmost importance” for him. He has dedicated his life to drug discovery and development. In the last 7 years, he has worked passionately to develop and bring to patients the eye health supplement Saffron 2020.

Saffron 2020 is formulated as a daily vision supplement for anyone concerned about maintaining their eye health and particularly for those affected with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Saffron 2020 is based on more than 20 years of accumulated research on the role of nutrients for eye health. It has proven to be an effective eye supplement for age-related macular degeneration with many patients seeing significant improvement in their quality of life and visual performance.

Dr. M Piraee, the inventor of saffron eye health supplement, is humbled that his experience in pharmacy and drug discovery research has made it possible to have a safe and effective eye supplement that is being recognized as a natural solution for those concerned about macular degeneration and maintenance of normal eyesight.

About Persavita:
Persavita harnesses the power of super-spice saffron to create nutritional supplements for the aging population. The company’s flagship product is Saffron 2020, which helps support and maintain eye health in age-related macular degeneration. It also helps reduce the risks of developing cataracts. Effectiveness and safety of Saffron 2020 are established through recognized scientific and GMP procedures.