Sleep deprivation might make you irritable the next day. And over time not getting enough sleep might affect more than just your mood in the morning. When you’re sleep deprived, it’s likely that you’ll have problems remembering and retaining information. It’s difficult to focus and absorb new knowledge when you don’t get enough sleep. In addition, your brain does not have enough time to correctly store memories so that you can access them later. Sleep allows your brain to recharge so you’re ready for the challenges of the next day.

Safrocalm Night is a gentle, natural sleep aid and relaxation supplement made with a unique blend of botanicals that work together to calm your mind and promote restful sleep. Among its ingredients is  Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is known as the brain’s own calming agent and is naturally produced in the body. By supporting a naturally balanced level of brain stimulation, GABA’s presence within the central nervous system may help promote relaxation and ease nervous tension.  

Enjoy a restful sleep once again! A gentle, natural sleep aid & relaxation supplement for occasional sleeplessness. Try Safrocalm Night today!

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