It is commonly known that when we focus on our eyes, they become dry, fatigued and stresses. We spend an average of 13 hours per day staring at digital screens, whatever that may be our cell phone, television, or our desktop computer. As you can imagine this takes a lot of focus which might lead to less blinking which eventually leads to dry eyes and eye fatigue. The list goes on! There are so much more effects linking to our eyes focusing and becoming dry and strained which may eventually cause blurred vision. Sounds like a never-ending cycle, doesn’t it? One problem leads to another, exhausting right?  But this is our vision and fortunately, there are things we could do to protect our most valuable sense.  

Direct view for lengthy periods in the front of a digital screen can cause limited eye blinking, unavoidably resulting in dry or irritated eyes. Saffron spice and resveratrol have the power to reverse the course of blinding eye diseases and might hold the keys to preventing the age-related loss of sight. It has been said that taking long-term saffron supplements led to: “improvement in contrast and colour perception, reading ability, and vision at low luminance’s, all ultimately leading to a substantial improvement in the patients’ quality of life.” Degeneration of the macula (the central part of the retina where the rods and cones are most dense) that is responsible for our fine vision such as the ability to read fine prints, leads to the loss of central vision. Saffron protects and prevents the steady breakdown of light-sensitive cells in the center of the retina and the macula. Resveratrol has potent anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating and neuro-protecting functions in addition to its antioxidant property.  Persavita’s eye supplements are formulated to help you protect your eyesight over the years. *

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