Staring at the screen for an extended amount of time causes loss of focus in our vision. Fading in and out the screen eventually becomes blurry. What’s the cause and reason for this? Digital Eyestrain! Also referred to as Computer Eye Syndrome! 

Being one of our most important senses we do our best to protect our eyes but protecting our eyes isn’t always easy. Using vitamin supplements to give our eyes the nutrients it needs is usually our first go-to problem solver. Digital eye strain might cause headache, light sensitivity, dry eye and double vision.   

Made with natural ingredients Saffron 2020 provides vitamins and important eye nutrients that help with visual acuity, color contrast and ability to see in low light and glare recovery. This vitamin supplement contains ingredients that are shown to promote vision quality for general eye health. Not only does it better off the function of your eyes but it also supports the cause of the symptoms by computer eye syndrome. *  

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