How much time do you really spend on the computer? How much time do you spend rubbing your eyes to adjust your vision? You might think avoiding glare on the computer by dimming your lights is all you need to avoid Computer Eye Syndrome. But think about the long-term effects think about the 20-20-20 rule! Sometimes giving your eyes a break isn’t always an option but keeping it healthy is. 

Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, occurs when your eyes get too much screen time. This can cause several different symptoms related to your eyes and vision, and they tend to worsen as screen usage increases. There are two types of glares, direct and indirect. Direct glare is where the light shines directly in your eyes, whereas indirect glare is caused by light reflecting off surfaces into your eyes. 

Saffron activates mechanisms of self-defense and self-repair in the retina of the eye-protecting it against oxidative damage. Cut the glare. Change the lighting around you to reduce the effect on your computer screen. Protect your eyes with Saffron Supplements! * 

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