As time passes and the older we get, the more our eyes age just like our other body organs. Aging of the eyes is a cycle that takes many years before we start seeing the changes. This usually occurs with long exposure to blue light, chemical stresses, and the lack of some vitamins. Because of this, we might experience conditions such as cataracts or even dry eyes and low visual acuity.

Studies show vision-enhancements using extracts from a flower-derived spice called saffron. The flower is known to decrease sensitivity to light even in people with early AMD. Saffron is recognized for its ability to protect the retinal structure and reduce the risk of degeneration. You need to take 20 mg of high-quality saffron every day to benefit from the protective effects of saffron. There are also other eye nutrients that you need to consider taking for maintaining your eye health such as vitamin C and lutein. We have done the work for you by formulating the Saffron 2020 Supplement that provides you with a combination of vitamins and eye nutrients that is needed to build strength to fight against aging eyes. *

Start your journey to maintaining your Aging Vision today with eye supplements from Persavita!

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